Seven Stud Strategy

Seven Stud Strategy

Every good poker player knows that Seven Card Stud is among the most frequently played poker variants in casinos and online poker rooms. One of the reasons is that Seven Stud is one of the oldest poker games and in the same time it is entertaining and could be profitable for every advanced player.

Almost all online poker rooms offer this variant of poker, but Party Poker is one of the best places on the Internet where you can play this game and even participate in Seven Stud tournaments. Every day you can take part in a Seven Stud tourney at Party Poker and if you want to win the first-place prize, you must be prepared with some winning strategies.

If you have read the Seven Stud rules, you already know that there are no community cards in this game, so everything depends on your own cards. As you can suppose, if you are dealt a good starting hand, you have better chance to win the pot. As one of the three starting cards is dealt face-up, you can calculate in some measure your chances to hold the best starting hand. If the lowest card in your starting hand is higher than your opponents’ face-up cards, the possibility for you to overcome the other players at the table increases. Of course there are 4 more cards to be dealt, so no one could be absolutely sure in his success.

As in any other poker game, you should consider your position at the table when you play Seven Card Stud. You will not be able to play a given hand from any position, so don’t deliberate only your cards, but also your position at the table. Every advanced poker player knows that in every poker game playing from late position is a big advantage, because you receive much more information about your opponents’ hands. So you can afford to play more hands from late position. If you are in early position be very careful and bet only if you have a sufficiently strong hand.

When you play Seven Card Stud you must know when to bluff. If you play against new poker players they could call your bluff with the sole purpose of seeing your hand. If you play against professionals, be very careful and pick only the right moments to bluff, because playing against such kind of players you could be caught any time. Avoid bluffing in Low Limit Seven Stud because in low limit games the players are not predisposed to fold. It is because it won’t cost them much money to see your hand.

It is a huge advantage if you know how to read your opponents. Reading the other players at the table will give you useful information about their hands, style of play and many other things, which will help you to decide how to play your hand. Always look your opponents in the eyes and try to detect their next move. Observe the other players’ face expressions and in this way they will not tend to bluff you. Always vary your playing style in order to be unpredictable for your opponents.

If you have made it to the final betting round don’t become distracted and don’t count your chips. At this point of the game it will be not difficult for you to predict who is dealt the best hand, because there are four face-up cards in front of each player. If you are sure that you hold the best hand, try to make the other players at the table not to fold in order to increase the size of the pot.

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