Seven Stud High Low Rules

Seven Stud High Low Rules

For many of us playing poker is the best way to relax and spend a good time. Poker is one of the most famous games and every variant of it is interesting to be played. Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven Card Stud have a lot of ‘admirers’ all over the world.

Seven Card Stud, as a type of poker becomes more and more popular — more and more players join the Seven Stud tables and participate in Seven Stud tournaments. This is one of the oldest variants of poker – the game dates since the time of the American Civil War.

A variation of Seven Card Stud is Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. The difference between these two games is that in Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo the pot is divided in half between the highest and lowest hand, just as in Omaha Hi/Lo. In this game, the maximum number of players can be eight. There are five betting rounds in the complete game of Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. In the beginning, the dealer deals three cards – two face-down “hole” cards and one face-up – “up” card. You will finish with 7 cards – 4 face-up and 3 face-down. The poker player with the lowest up card is required to begin the action by betting a minimum of one-half the lower limit.

Except this initial round in Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, all other betting rounds start with the highest hand. The second betting round starts with the lower betting limit. Here, if any player’s two up-cards make a pair, any other could make a bet equal to the higher betting limit. Because of this, the higher limit is in effect for the entire hand. In the third betting round in Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo the player with the highest “up” cards is always first to check or bet. The dealer gives the fourth up card and another betting at the higher limit takes place. After the fifth card and the sixth card (each followed by a betting round) are dealt the Seventh Street or the River occurs. This is the final card dealt to the players and this card marks the final round of betting. This round of betting starts with the same player who started the previous round.

When you play Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo at Party Poker you have to know that in this game there is always a high-hand winner, but not always a low-hand winner. If you want to make the lowest hand you must have five cards no higher than an eight. Don’t forget that in Seven Stud Hi/Lo Aces can play both high and low.

There are also several important things you should know about Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. Most of the players think that winning two split pots is equal to winning one full pot. If you want to become the winner in this game you should win the whole pot, because the half gives you only better position, not the first-place prize. There is another important advice you should remember – get out on time when you see that you don’t hold a winning hand. Don’t be greedy and leave the game with good feeling, not with disappointment.

As you see there aren’t many differences between Seven Stud and Seven Stud Hi/Lo and if you want to enjoy these games just visit Party Poker, choose a table and play!

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