Blackjack has developed a reputation as being a game that can be beat. This is something that started with card counting which actually can be used to give the player an advantage over the house. However the casinos have gone to great lengths to make this is as difficult as possible. As a result new techniques have become necessary to beat the casino. One of those is shuffle tracking.Read More →

Blackjack is far and away the most popular game in the casino, mainly because it is such a simple and face moving game. The rules of blackjack are fairly straightforward but there are a few areas where they do get a little bit more involved. In most cases after a brief reading of the rules you should have no trouble going to the table and playing a game.Read More →

Card counting has become very popular in recent years, mainly because of all the television shows and movies that make it seem so easy. In reality counting cards in blackjack is very difficult and few people can do it well. The KO count was developed to address this problem. It is a simplified version of counting cards that is probably more effective for most players than the more complicated methods that they can’t do correctly.Read More →

When you first start playing blackjack you will likely be introduced to basic strategy fairly early in the process. People talk about it all the time. Basic strategy is simply a calculation of the best possible play that you can make in every situation. Obviously learning this will go a long way towards helping you to win so it is something that every player should learn.Read More →

Counting cards in the game of blackjack has become fairly popular in recent years. The reason for this is that the mathematicians have figured out that you really can swing the odds in your favour by doing so. The only problem is that counting cards is not easy. The Hi-Lo count is the simplest version so it is the one that most people go with.Read More →