In the world of online gambling, we do not need to be psychologists in order to understand what it is behind this industry. So, to have a better knowledge of the psychology behind online gambling, you need to be familiar with two general aspects of gaming that are related to the psychological makeup of human beings. First: Gaming is a form of perverted behavior. Second: Gaming is an expression of normalcy.Read More →

If you are on your way to a tournament or just to play a few rounds of poker in your local casino, you will be asking yourself how much do you need. Remember that you will be losing some money along the way, be it in business or be it in poker. The name of the game though is having the right amount of money.Read More →

You might have been playing for several months or years now and you feel like you want to level up in the world of poker. You want to go beyond your local casino and compete with the best of the best of poker at the WSOP. It is normal to feel the anxiety, the fear, the jitters if it is your first time, but here are some tips which may help you do well at the WSOP:Read More →

Body language plays a very important role in the game of poker. One of the most established fact is that if a professional is trying to make certain movements obvious it is a trap and players should avoid it. The game of poker entails all the players to read the body language of the opponents. You can gauge a player just by observing his body movements. Reading the opponents may even help you win a game.Read More →

Do you want to know what the difference between good and great poker players is? If yes please read this article. There are many qualities that demarcate good and great poker players. Different layers react differently in diverse situations and this is what makes them unique. Good poker players lack the finesse and the skills that a great poker player has.Read More →

One of the most popular poker rooms in the world is the Pacific poker room. This poker room has debarred Americans from registering. It is the best site to play Texas Holdem poker. Pacific Poker is incessant action happening on all the poker tables. This international poker site has ardent poker players registered with them. It has its fair share of loose and juicy games being played on numerous poker tables.Read More →

The game of Poker is enjoyed by people worldwide. The popularity and fan following of the game speaks loud with bustling casinos and gambling houses. A fun game of poker can be played even at home with friends and family or can be enjoyed professionally at casinos.Read More →